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Except for the first question the others refer to an evaluation grid I need to translate into English. I really hope you can have a look at it.

1) What would you become if you were older?
What will you do when you are grown up?
2) Essential (basic?) knowledge of the subjects. The links among the concepts are correct/appropriate. Farily good comprehension of the requested information.
3) The answers are fairly/rather exhaustive but somewhat superficial.
The use of the language is almost always grammatically correct and appropriate in the choice of vocabulary.
4) Good knowledge of the topics which allows a capacity to link and organize his/her ideas (together)in a systematic way. The use of the language is appropriate and coherent.
5) The candidate possesses an inn-depth knowledge of the topics also as a result of personal readings and investigations (research). He/She is therefore able to rework (revise?) the information in a critical and original way. The use of the language is brilliant, efficient and fluent.
6) Approximative (superficial) knowledge of the topics. The candidate understands in part (partly, to some extent) the information contained in the questions.
7) The answers are incomplete and the use of the language is sometimes incorrect and not very appropriate.

The answers to the questions are fairly/rather exhaustive.

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    Without seeing that grid, how do we know if you are translating well?

    There are many incomplete sentences, but I have no idea if that matters.

    5. indepth knowedge


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