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There are 2 questions I have posted. My answers are at the bottom.

1.List 2 liquid solutions that do not contain water?

2. Suppose that you add one teaspoon of sugar to your cup of tea. A friend adds four teaspoons of sugar to his cup od tea. Whose tea is a more concentrated sugar solution?


1. pop and ?

2.Your tea

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    2. sorry, your friens tea for #2

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    The first ingredient listed in my can of Coke is carbonated WATER.

    Check this site for your second question.

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    Yes. Your friend's tea is a more concentrated solution.

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    what about question # 1... I'm stuck on that one :(

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    List 2 liquid solutions that do not contain water.

    I don't think pop is correct, since it has carbonated water in it.
    examples, oil, mercury, liquid hydrogen, liquid nitrogen.

    not sure about your second question

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    Isn't carbonated water still water?

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    Thank you very much helper and Ms.Sue!!!

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    You're welcome.

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