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Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are the last sentences of the day. Thank you.

1)Are the following clothing items correct: a patterned cotton t-shirt, a navy blue turtleneck sweater, a big black silver watch with a green screen (?), white tight jeans (or tight white jeans?), a t-shirt with a picture (?) of the Dire Straits, a red and white Christmas cap.
2)As you were running out of cartridge, some of your writing is unreadable and therefore not assessable. (cannot be given a mark)
3)A third-person narrator knows everything about the character and it is called omniscient.
4) It can be defined as obtrusive if he makes personal remarks and comments about (on?) the events or unobtrusive if it doesn’t.
5) The media and the advertising can have an influence on the way we dress. In fact people often wear clothes or accessories worn by the stars of cinema and music industry.

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    1. navy-blue....either on the jeans but I like "tight white jeans"

    4. comments about


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