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Can you please have a look at these sentences? They are written as if they were part of an oral conversation. The general rules of punctuation are not respected and I find it difficult to check them.

1)I always dress what I like and in a simple way.
2)My favourite kinds of clothes are jeans, sweaters, nothing really dramatic, just as a normal teenager.
3)I don’t have nail varnish on my nails today despite (correction: although) I really like it.
To a New Year’s party I always use (wear?) something white. It can be a dress, or white trousers with a white t-shirt or a sleeveless top since New Year in Brazil is in summer and it’s hot.
Here in Spain it will be my first cold New Year so I don’t know yet what to dress, of course it’ll be white.
4)Some factors that can influence the style of a person is the media (??), the kind of music he/she likes, the group he/she belongs to, publicity, fashion, books… everything that surround the person may have something that influences.
5) However, I think that what should influence the most is the personality that that person created in her/his life. You have to be yourself and don’t change to be accepted on (?) a group. If they’re your friends, they’ll accept you for who you are.

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    1. dress IN what
    3) the New Year in Brazil.....wha to wear (rather than dress) OR h ow to dress

    4. verything that surrounds

    5. to be accepted in a group.


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