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Write four arguments that meet the following criteria:

Argument 1: The argument has a false premise, but follows good logic.

Argument 2: The argument has true premises, but follows poor logic, leading to a false conclusion.

Argument 3: The argument has either a false premise or follows poor logic, but leads to a true conclusion.

Argument 4: The argument is based on true premises and follows good logic leading to a true conclusion.

Then, reorder your arguments and post them to the discussion board. Next, analyze the arguments of two other students. Identify whether or not the premises and conclusion are true, and whether the arguments follow good or poor logic. Explain how you were able to assess the quality of the logic.

  • Geometry... Please help soon! -

    If Zak wants to be a professional skateboarder, then he has to practice hard every single day.
    Zak wants to be a professional skateboarder.
    Therefore, he will practice hard every single day.

    If fish and frogs swim in a pond, then they are both aquatic animals.
    Fish and frogs swim in a pond.
    Therefore they are both amphibians.

    If a square’s sides add up to 100 degrees, then it has 4 congruent sides.
    A square’s sides add up to 100 degrees.
    Therefore, it has 4 congruent sides.

    If Dante is less than 5’9, then he is allowed to ride the new rollercoaster.
    If Dante is 6’1, then he is not allowed to ride the rollercoaster.
    Therefore, Dante isn’t less than 5’9 and cannot ride the new rollercoaster.

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