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sylvester bowls once a week. this week he bowled four games. his scores were, 105 103 107 109

what is his average (mean) for the week? explain how you found your answer.

what is the median score for the week? explain how you found your answer.

what is the mode for his socres for the week? explain how you found your answer.

he rented shoes for $2.50 and paid $1.50 for each game. if he paid with a $10 bill, how much change did he receive?

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    I'll be glad to HELP you with these problems after you tell me what you know and what you don't know about their answers.

    In other words, you make an effort, and we can then help you.

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    i add first 107+105=212/2=106/2=53

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    i don't this is right or wrong

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    i don't no this is right or wrong

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    You need to add all four numbers first. Then divide the sum by 4 to find the mean.

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    Right! :-)

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    this is all what about another one

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    This site shows you how to find the median and the mode.


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    the median is 105 and 107
    and i don't about mode

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    The median is half way between 105 and 107 -- so the median is 106.

    This set of numbers doesn't have a mode. All of the numbers are different.

    How do you think you can solve the last problem?

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    10.00-1.50=$8.50 he receive back
    and my son did 2:50+1:50=4:00 then he subtract 10:00-4:00 =$6:00 he receive back

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    He played 4 games. So we multiply 1.50 times 4 = $6.00.

    He paid $2.50 to rent shoes.

    $2.50 + $6.00 = $8.50

    $10.00 - 8.50 = ? change

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    Right. :-)

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    thank you very much for helping me and my son

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    You're very welcome.

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