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Can you pleas check these sentences for me, please? Thank you.

1) Your sentences are either confused or do not make sense at all. You mixed tenses, gender and even invented words! I think you should re-write each paragraph checking in your literaure book the underlined words.
2)The tales are about many different characters with the exception of the nobles and the poor-class people.
3) The formerr would have agreed to travel with the latter whereas the latter couldn't have afforded the expense of such a trip.
3)The English Renaissanc developd later than the Italian. It started when Henr VIII ascended the throne.
4)Monasteries turned into centres of culture in the Middle Ages but they will not replace grammar schools or universities.
5)Man had the function of linking God to the other animate and inanimate elements.
6) Both the Italian and the English Renaissance were characterized by a revival of classical culture which goes under the name of Humanism. The name Humanism was chosen because of the growing importance of the individual.
7) Do not make up words yourself.
Chaucer describes the natural elements like for example the rain, that pierces the draught of March.
8) The pilgrimage begins at Tabard Inn and ends at Canterbury Cathedral, where the shrine of Thomas Becket is kept (??)

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    3. formerr = former? and Henr should be either Henri (French) or Henry (English)

    3. Renaissanc = Rennaissance + developd = developed (also)

    8. if you don't like "is kept" you could use "is found?"


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