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Case 1 (8 marks)

Bona Bonjela works as a bricklayer and earns $45,500 per annum. His wife, Leslie, has a part-time job in which she earns $18,500 per annum. Leslie has been left an inheritance of $300,000 by her aunty. If this money is invested in a bank deposit, it will generate a 6.5% interest per annum. Bona and Leslie, however, are interested in buying a news agency costing $450,000 (including all inventories, equipments, a vehicle, and all transaction costs (i.e. stamp duty, settlement fees, etc)). Their plan is for both to quit their current jobs and run the news agency.
Bona and Leslie have approached a bank, and the bank has granted them a
pre-approval for a business loan of $150,000 at 8.25% per annum, with
interest only payment, repayable over 25 years. The current owner of the
news agency provides sales and expenses information for the previous year,
as follows:
Sales Gross profit
• Newspapers and magazines $1,200,000 15%
• Stationary 154,000 25%
• Books 172,000 15%
• Confectionary 12,500 45%
• Other sales 24,320 25%

The previous year’s expenses were as follows:

• Shop attendant wages $28,500
• Insurance 20,000
• Rent of premises 22,000
• Security 9,880
• Telephone and utility 12,500
• Rates 10,500
• Advertising 3,980
• Vehicle expenses 15,890
• Trade subscriptions 3,200
• Depreciation expenses 11,000
Bona and Leslie ask for your advice regarding this business decision.

a. What would be your financial advice to Bona and Leslie? Will they be
better-off financially by buying the news agency? Provide your
calculations to support your advice, and provide also all relevant
financial factors that are related to the situation.

b. What would be your advice to Bona and Leslie regarding other non-
financial factors that they should consider before making a decision?

c. Finally, should Bona and Leslie go ahead with the purchase of the
news agency? What would be your professional advice to them?

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    Case 1.

    Bona Bonjela's Salary per year = $45,500
    Leslie Bonjela's Salary per year = $18,500
    Interest of deposit per year = $23,660
    Income = $87,660

    Bona and his wife earn $64,000 amount per annum when Bona Bonjela works as a bricklayer and his wife, Leslie works in a part- time job. As well as Leslie’s inheritance of $300,000 and their salaries also $45,500 and $18,500 invested in a bank deposit, it will generate a 6.5% interest per annum. So simply they earn an interest $23,660 per annum. Then they earn revenue about $87,660 for a year.

    If they buy a news agency costing $450,000 there is a gross profit calculation in below.
    Sales Gross Profit Amount
    Newspaper and Magazines $1,200,000 15% $180,000
    Stationary $154,000 25% $38,500
    Books $172,000 15% $25,800
    Confectionary $12,500 45% $5,625
    Other Sales $24,320 25% $6,080
    Total $1,562,820 $256,005

    There will be sales revenue about $1,562,820 and gross profit of $256,005. Before that Bona and Leslie have approached to bank and they took a business loan of $150,000 at 8.25% per annum. Then there will be an annual interest about $12,375.

    Interest for Loan = $150,000 • 8.25% = $12,375

    Bona and Leslie's Business
    Income Statement
    For the year ended

    Sales $ 1,562,820
    Cost of sales (1,306,815)
    Gross Profit 256,005


    Shop attendant wages 28,500
    Insurance 20,000
    Rent 22,000
    Security 9,880
    Telephone and utility 12,500
    Rates 10,500
    Advertising 3,980
    Vehicle expenses 15,890
    Trade subscriptions 3,200
    Depreciation expenses 11,000
    Loan interest 12,375 (149,825)
    Net Profit 106,180

    Bona and Leslie both will be getting a net profit about $106,180 from the business. But they can only earn revenue about $87,660 from their current jobs and interest from the bank deposits. So we can assume that they will be better off financially by buying the news agency, because they earn a profit more than their salary and excess interest. It is better off from financially, but when it is come to long term it will be earn losses. Therefore, there will be decrease in demand of newspapers, because most people will be using e-newspapers, e-mails, etc. Then Bona and Leslie will have to add more things to business for earn profits.

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