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Structure of Earth

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Differences between Lithosphere and Asthenosphere. Im contrasting the two layers.

-contains crust and upper part of mantle
-doesn't flow
-divided into tectonic plates
-consists of heavier oceanic basalt
-consists of lighter continental rock
-has two parts--Oceanic lithosphere, made up of the oceanic crust. Continental lithosphere, made up of the continental crust.

-lower part of the upper mantle
-behaves like plastic
-flows more easily than rest of the mantle
-behaves like viscous fluid/soft plastic
-solid mantle
-deeper and hotter
-rocks are under high pressure and are solid, but can slowly flow plastically

-Both interior of Earth
-Made of hot molten rock

Anything else I could add above? I have many points for the differences, not much for the similarites between the two layers.

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