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4th math

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greatest to least put these in the right order?

1/3 3/4 2/5 0.5 0.09

Thank you

  • 4th math -

    First, change all of them to decimals or equivalent fractions. It is probably easiest to convert the fractions to decimals.

  • 4th math -

    YOU ARE WRONG MS.SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/4 1/3 2/5 0.09 0.5 BAM that's the answer

    -Harry Humperharder(i hate my last name!)

  • 4th math -

    Sammy ate 3/8 of a pizza, and Betty ate 1/8 of the same pizza. What fraction of the pizza did Sammy and Betty eat?

  • 6th Grade Math -

    order the numbers from least to greatest, -6,8,-9,13

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