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physical science

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16. When a bullet is fired from a rifle: mine is D
A. the recoiling rifle and the bullet have the same kinetic energy and momentum
B. the bullet has greater momentum and kinetic energy than the rifle
C. the rifle has greater momentum and kinetic energy than the bullet
D. they have the same momentum, but the bullet has greater kinetic energy than the rifle

17. If earth's mass decreased to one-half its original mass with no change in radius, then your weight would: mine is B
A. stay the same
B. decrease to 1/2 your original weight
C. decrease to one-quarter your original weight
D. double your original weight

18. When the distance between two stars decreases by half, the force between them: mine is a
A. increases to four timees as much
B. increases to twice as much
C. decreases to 1/2
D. decreases by one-quarter

19. Two objects move towards each other because of gravity. As the objects get closer and closer, the acceleration of each: mine is B
A. decreases because the force decreases
B. stasy the same because the force stays the same
C. increases due to increased force between them
D. decreases due to increased momentum in opposite directions.

20. During an eclipse of the sun (when earth, moon, and sun are lined up), the ocean tides on earth are extra ____ and are called ____ tides. Mine is B
A. low, spring
B. high, spring
C. low, neap
D. high, neap

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