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what is the total number of moles in 80.0 grams of C2H5Cl (gram-formula mass=64.5grams/mole)?
i appreciate any help.

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    i think its 2. am i right ?

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    number of moles = mass/(gram formula mass)

    Note - that this is an easy multiple choice to answer without using a calculator.

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    number of moles = mass/(gram formula mass)
    =80 g/64.5 g mole^-1

    without using a calculator, 80/64.5 must be greater than 1.0 (so not answer 1)) as numerator (80) is greater than denominator (64.5).

    Similarly as the numerator (80) is less than twice denominator (64.5) the answer can't be 3) or 4) and must be 2).

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