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I don't get page 50 of algebra with pizzazz!
Please help?
7) Kathy is 6 years younger than bill. 12 years ago bill was twice as old as Kathy was then. How old are they now?

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    let Bill's present age be x
    then Kathy's present age is x-6

    12 years ago:
    Bill was x-12
    Kathy was x-6 - 12 or x - 18

    at that time bill was twice as old as Kathy --- x-12 = 2(x-18)

    x-12 = 2x - 36
    -x = -24
    x = 24

    so now bill is 24 and Kathy is 18

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    Alright thanks I get it now (:
    I guess I was just multiplying wrong.

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