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1. What is a Positive Change as being a successful student in college?

How will you know if a student is SUCCESSFUL (doing positive things)?

Positive Change for becoming a successful student in college involves getting a clear picture about the harmful effects of bad habits that you possess, and try to stop those bad habits from building on. Lasting changes in your student life are possible only if you work hard on them each day of your student life. Remember, it takes time for your efforts to bear fruit.
Bad habits are not developed overnight, nor can you expect to end them in a single day. Common wisdom states that habits once formed cannot be broken. But if you wish to bring about positive change in your life, make sure that you work relentlessly on breaking away from bad habits.
2. What GOOD things can you write about (positive things)?

Take a step-wise approach to successfully break away from bad habits. The first would be to create a strong desire to end the bad habit. Habits have a tendency to stick around, and even if you have overcome them temporarily they can remain dormant for many years and could come back to overcome you in a weak moment. The second step is to get at the root cause of the habit. Once you know what caused your habit, you will find it easier to understand what's stopping you from getting rid of it. The last step is to stop blaming someone else for your bad habits and accept responsibility for your actions. All this will help you in actually replacing a bad habit with a good one.

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    Youlanda. You are not writing what the questions asked.
    The first question is how will you know if the student is successful...? Where in the first paragraph did you answer that?
    The second question asked what good things can you write about ..?
    You didn't ever mentioned that, at all. Are you reading what the instructor asked, or just writing what you feel?

    Reading, and listening, to what is asked is one of the most fundamental skills of communication. Pay attention to the questions.

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    First of all, you are still writing about negatives instead of what the questions are asking you to focus on.

    Second, here's a link to your first post, in which you have NOT ADDRESSED what the assignment is asking you to address:

    You have not written up what your plan of action is.

    You have not stated what "a Positive Change" in order to become "a successful student in college."

    You have not stated and explained what "success in life, career, school" would be.

    Do you need help understanding what these questions are asking of you??

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