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factor trinomial
This is what I have so far don't know where to go from here
4h^2 + 8h - 5
(4h^2-2h) + (10h-5)
2h(h-5) + -5(2h-1)

cant figure out what to do next

  • Algebra -

    4h^2 + 8h - 5 is a quadratic, so do not factor by grouping. It has only 2 factors.

    Try (2h + _)(2h - _). (The other possibility is (4h +/- _)(h +/- _).

    (2h + 5)(2h - 1) gives the +8h we need.

  • Algebra -

    4h^2 + 8h - 5.

    Use the AC Method:
    A*C = 4*-5 = -20 = -2*10.
    4h^2 + (-2h + 10h) - 5,
    Group the 4 terms into 2 factorable

    (4h^2 - 2h) + (10h - 5),
    2h(2h - 1) + 5(2h - 1),
    Factor out (2h - 1):
    (2h - 1)(2h + 5).

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