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Please help me find these words in the book hatchet. These words are located in chapter 13-16 and all I need to knnow is where these words are located. I have found the book online and I have posted it underneath. I have done a couple of words all ready so I have only posted the ones I have not found. Please tell me where these words are located. Thanks.


fashioned or fashion

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    site: type in hatchet words chapter 13-16 and click spark notes and then you will get the book online


    someone please help me

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    I don't have the book, and there's no guarantee that my page numbers would be the same as yours.

    It's also not available online since it's still under copyright.

    Go back into the book and try this:

    Start at the end of Chapter 16 and read it one sentence at a time backwards! You will isolate the words better that way and be more likely to find the ones you need.

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    thanks i'll try it

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