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Algebra 1

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The value v of a shopkeeper's inventory software program is given by v=-1/3t+3, where t is the number of years since the shopkeeper brought the program. What is the program worth 9 years after it is first purchased? Plot the point with the given t value 9

Thank you so very much. I have to admit that without your help, I'd have a slim chance of making it through school. Thank you, again!

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    Make yourself a v vs x graph. Let v be the vertical (y) location, and t be the horizontal (x) location.

    I will assume that your function is
    v = -t/3 + 3, and not
    -1/(3t) + 3 nor -1/(3t+3)
    You need to be more careful showing parentheses where they are needed.

    Plot these two points on the graph:
    (0,3) and (9,0)

    Draw a straight line connecting the two points.

    The program is worth 0 after nine years. Stop the line on the graph at that point. It never has negative value.

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