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1. Books such as The Three Little Pigs, Green Eggs & Ham or Good night moon promote children's cognitive & linguistic skills through the ___ strategy.
a. reprtition
c. referential language
d. recasting
I chose "c"referential language can sme one please check it. thank you

2. Which statements best express the strategy of semantic extension?
a. The teacher uses redundancy to teach new vocabulary
b. A mother says the same word twice in succession when speakig to her child
c. Semantic extension involves the repetition of words & sentences, recasting them in different forms.
d. a teacher builds on a child's verbal facility by lengthening sentence strucyureI chose"c" as my answer can someone please check it. thank you

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    Since all three books use a lot of repetition, isn't a. a better answer?

    I agree that c is the best answer for # 2.

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