posted by eva

can u help me found a song that's online that has the music so i can play the song on my clarient it called bruno mars grenade

can any1 help me found the music for that song on a clarient.... please

  1. eva

    can u give me an website.. please

  2. Writeacher

    Maybe one of these:

  3. bobpursley

    I cannot find the music on a safe site to download. HOWEVER, see this

    YOu can find the midi file, and transpose to Bflat (Clarinet) and print using software online.

  4. eva

    no hmm do u know another website or can any1 eles help?

  5. bobpursley

    The sources I found on the web are not trustworthy sites. If you want to chance it, get your mom or dad. They require private information on you. I do not recommend them.
    The Utube video is pretty detailed, I did it for your song. it is not hard.

  6. SraJMcGin

    Sheet music with digital download (but they charge):


    Free clarinet sheet music:


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