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Can you check the following sentences please?
Can you say "This is your Christmas holiday homework".

•Read and do the “test yourself” activity on the Plantagentes pag. 38-39
•Read and translate the opening of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales pp. 46-47
•Read and summarize the following texts taken from “Aspire to First Certificate”:
“How to catch a criminal” p. 69, “Road trip” p.77, “Where the Hollywood stars live”p.85.

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    In my experience, we use the abbreviation p. when we refer to one page and pp. when referring to two or more pages. Examples:

    p. 5 (means page 5)
    pp. 5-9 (means pages 5 through 9)

    Watch the spelling: Plantagenets

    Put commas after "Plantagenets," "Tales," "criminal," "trip," and "live."

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