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I forgot to include these very last sentence. I really hope you can have a look at them, too.

1) I helped my mum dress the Christmas tree and wrap up the last Christmas presents.
2) I decorated the Christmas tree with lights, angels, bells, snowmen, ribbon, stars and baubles (Did I forget anything?)
3) I suggested to my mun what she should give my father as a Christmas present.
4) On my last school day before my Christmas holidays I exchanged greetings with my schoolmates
5) I listened to music on my earphones
6) I spent time chatting with my friends and playing on my Nintendo-DS and sending text-messages of "best wishes" to my friends and writing Christmas cards.
7) I made (better gave) a lot of Christmas presents but I received a lot, too.
8)I enjoyed skiing and throwing snowballs.On Christmas Eve I went to the midnight mass (or I attended the midnight mass). After the mass I went back home and I exchanged presents with my friends.

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    2) Since it's your tree, I can't answer that.

    3) give your father as a Christmas present to you? :)

    6) Instead of all the "ands" you could use commas?

    Sra (P.S. Happy Christmas)

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