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high school (math)

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Match the mathematical expression with its translation.

1. the product of two numbers
2. y divided by x
3. six less than a number is y
4. x subtracted from y
5. the sum of two numbers is six
6. x minus y
7. the sum of x and y
8. x divided by y
9. six times a number equals y
10. the product of two numbers is sixxy

x - y
x + y
y - x
y รท x
x + y = 6
xy = 6
6 x = y
y = x - 6

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    1) xy = 6

    There's the first one. We'll be glad to check YOUR answers for the rest of these questions.

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    five times the product of two numbers x and y ,divided by a third number z

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    XY is 6

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