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how do you go about finding y-intercept and the slope for the equation -2y+3y=-21

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    One of the y's in your equation should probably be an x. Please verify your typing.

    Rewrite your equation (after correcting it) into y = mx + b form.

    m will be the slope and b will be the y-intercept, where the straight line crosses the y axis.

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    -2y+3y = -21
    y(-2+3)= -21
    y(1)= -21
    y = -21 + (-1)
    y = -21 - 1
    y = -22

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    miyako's answer is incorrect. If both terms on the left contain a y, then y = -21. You would have a horizontal line with zero slope.

    I still believe one of your x's should be a y

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    move the x1,y1,x2, and y2 sliders back and forth.which sliders affect the rise?

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