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question: what are your thoughts onthe idea that television has turned out to isolate people instead of bringing them together.

my essay; please evaluate!

to say that television has turned out to isolate people instead of bringing them together holds true in my opinion.

television is a very popular source of entertainment in every household. it has become a way to relax as portrayed by the television itself in the example of a tired man coming home after a long day at the office, loosening his tie, flopping down on the couch and switching on the television. this in turn widens the gap in the relationship between ones family from whom we are away from, the whole day and still don't give enough time to even when we do have time in our hand.

television takes away so much of our priceless time in just a go and don't even realize it. a standard show is on an average an hour long, and movie, two hours long! our free time is wasted on television cutting back the time we should spend with our families or taking care of our health by exercising. a study conducted recently blamed television as one of the leadin g causes of obesity in children and adults alike!

children no longer wish to spend time outdoors. they'd much rather stay home and watch cartoons. due to which, they lack the ability to interact with people in the society, they don't have confidence and become shy and laconic!

because of the countless hours spent in front of the television a persons rate of human contact in a day decreases greatly, some may even go to the extremes of being lonely and reserved, keeping everything to themselves leading in turn to psychological problems such as depression, one of the leading causes of suicide!

thus in conclusion i would like to say, that the painter andy warhol is not the only one who'd say they stopped caring about having close relationships after getting his first television. many will agree that while television is a great source of entertainment, it is nothing short of any addictive drug, doing more harm than good!

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