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Talk to your parents or older friends or relatives about gender stereotypes since the 1950s. Which, if any, gender stereotypes have remained fairly consistent since the 1950s?

If you think some stereotypes are the same, what has perpetuated them?

If you think we don't have gender stereotypes from the 1950s, explain what contributed to eliminating them.

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    Although a lot of us worked outside the home in the 50s, the stereotype was "Leave it to Beaver" and the stay-at-home, apron-wearing Mom. Also, at that time, men vastly outnumbered women on college campuses. Today I think most colleges have more women than men.

    What do you think about gender stereotypes today?

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    i think that gender stereotypes are not the same as they were in the 50s but there are still stereotypes just not some much about gender i think people stereotype race and culture and how you look more now.

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    I agree.

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