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CHildren are able toeat different food at ages due to their development slkills based on your knowledge of mouth patterns head and body skills and abilities place the following four events in the correct order. 1: Erin gets food into her mouth with a spoon and can hold her onw cup sucessfully. 2:Erin moves her head and mouth towards her bottle when being fed. 3: Erin sits up by herself and can move food from her hand to her muth. 4: Erin picks up cereal peices with her fingers and loves to playu with mashed potatoes? thanks for your help

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    What is the obvious first answer?

    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    UM... Erin sits up by herself and is fed!!

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    Good heavens, haven't you ever seen a newborn infant? And you're taking a child care class? Didn't you read anything in your text about infants?

    This is the first thing a child does:

    moves her head and mouth towards her bottle when being fed.

    I don't see anything in your choices about your answer.

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    Sorry i was talking about number 3: sorry i am in middle school and we are takin pre Teaching classes and we are on this lesson about childcare. So that was part of my home-work.

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    Ahhh! Thanks for the explanation.

    Before a child can use a spoon or cup, she eats with her fingers. Cheerios is a favorite with many kids.

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