PLEASE READ before you ask a question

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Before posting, please understand a few things.

1) If we see other tutors replied to your message, we might skip it to go to others at first. This may be a problem, which I will discuss in a minute. If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer.

2) You type your message--not us.

3) You are taking a class in your school. That class has a name. Trust me.

I say there has been a problem recently of people saying things on the board that are not questions. Let me give you an example of a question and something that is not a question.

Good question: Was pizza really invented in Italy?
Not a question: Pizza and Italy.

Suddenly, you get a reply from someone asking you to explain your question. Another tutor, who could answer your question, passed up the discussion because they were busy answering questions that had NO responses. So lesson 1: ask questions properly.

Secondly, remember you typed these questions. If you say, "Their is a problem" in your essay rather than, "There is a problem," don't be surprised if we ask where?

If you say, "Your happy," do not be surprised when we tell you to correct it to, "Your happiness" rather than, "you're happy."

Finally, don't be surprised if we have NO idea what your message means because you cannot spell or know the basic differences between the words you should know. I had a friend recently type of facebook, "I past my classes." She was confused when I asked how she thought she did. She meant, "passed," not "past." Her fault...not mine. (And, to be honest, scary that she passed!)

Finally, your class has a subject name. You didn't sign up for Mr. Smith's class in High School studies or Dr. Earl's "College Class.". Is it Science? Math? English? More specifically, Grammar or Physics? I can answer Grammar questions, but not English Literature.

Finally (I lied on the last finally), do not just post your assignments for us to do. We help with what you are struggling with. (I know. I teach grammar and ended a sentence with a preposition. Sue me). Asking us to write a 5,000,000 page paper on Jews in Germany during WWII will not be productive. Saying you have to write this paper and cannot find out how Anne Frank's book got published will help you.

So there you go. Hope this helps.


  • PLEASE READ before you ask a question -

    Is there a way to directly contact the people that answer questions? Cause I was looking over some questions and I really want to know how the people solved it and it would be pointless just retyping the question that is already posted, just to have the same question answered again. I want the person who answered a specific question to explain how they answered it if you understand what I mean.

  • Spelling -

    What does schwa sound means?

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