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A uniform beam weighing Wa=1200 N is 3.50 m long and is suspended horizontally by two vertical wires at its ends, as shown in the figure below. A small but dense weight with WL = 550 N is placed on the beam 2.00m from one end, as shown in the figure.

a) are the tensions Ta (in cable A) and TB (in cable B) equal?

b) Considering that this beam is in total equilibrium, now write the equation in rotational equilibrium.

c) In the summation below, write the magnitudes of the CW and the CCW around a point on the left end of the beam, i.e., on the side labeled as needed.

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    a) No they are not equal, becasue the addede load is not in the middle of the beam.

    b) 1200*1.75 + 550*2 = TB*3.50
    (assuming the added weight is 2m from end A) Solve that for TB

    c) There is no "summation below". Also, the side where you want to compute the wire tension is NOT the point that you compute moments about. It is the opposite end.

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    835.7 and 914.3

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