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4th grade

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bertrand is building in the form of a rectangle. he knows that the garden will be 10 feet wide. he wants to fence in the garden but only has 56 feet of fence to work with.

how long mist the garden be to fence it with exactly 56 feet of fence? show how you found your answer.

in order to support the fence, a post must be placed on the 4 corners of the rectangle and every 2 feet along the perimeter. how many posts must bertrand use? show how you found your answer.

if fencing costs $7.00 a foot and posts cost $5.00 each, how mush will it cost to erect the fence? show your work.

  • 4th grade ?? Math -

    P = 2L + 2W
    56 = 2L + 2(10)
    56 = 2L + 20
    36 = 2L
    36/2 = L

    How do you think the rest of this problem can be solved?

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