8th grade math

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circle A has a raduis that is twice the length og the raduis of circle B.

Which is an accurate statement about the relationship of these areas of circle A and B and y?

a.the area of circle A is 4 times the area of circle B
b. the area of circle A is twice the area of circle B.
c.the area of circle A is onehalf the area of circle B
d.the area of circle A is one forth the area of circle B

  • 8th grade math -

    A = 3.14*r^2.

    A = 3.14*(2r)^2 = 3.14*4r^2.
    So the answer is a.

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  • 8th grade math -

    circle a=2x=28
    circle b=x=14
    you can make up your own lengths to make it easy
    circle a=22/7x14x14=616
    circle b=22/7x7x7=154
    the area of circle b is bigger
    that means circle a is four times the area of circle b

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