Chemistry Kb question need to clarify something

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the pKb for methylamine is 3.36, what is the Kb for methylamine?

pKa+pKb= 14.00

Kb= 10^-pKb = 4.4x10^-4 is the answer

but HOW?? what is punched into the calculator to get 4.4 x 10^-4??

  • Chemistry Kb question need to clarify something -

    pKb = 3.36
    pKb = -log Kb
    3.36 = -logKb
    -3.36 = log Kb
    Punch in 3.36 and hit the change sign button OR punch in -3.36 directly, then hit the 10^x key. That will return 4.36515E-4 which rounds to 4.36E-4.

  • Chemistry Kb question need to clarify something -

    -3.36(log button or 10^x button)= syntax error ??

  • Chemistry Kb question need to clarify something -

    the key sequence will depend on the type of calculator that you have. If it is a VPAM or similar (like a Casio FX-83) then the sequence is something like


    and the display will show


    (depending on how the display is set up).

    The exact key sequence will depend on the model of calculator you have.

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