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The last question for my survey: A girl and a boy love each other a lot. They always text each other: "I Love You" and stuff. The girl never has the guts to say "I Love You" to the boy in reality. What can she do to fix this? This is my last survey question. Please answer! :)

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    SHe is smart. No girl or boy understands love, it takes a long time and experience is needed. Too often love is stated, before either party knows what it means. Yes, disaster is in the making.

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    Thank you. :) So you're saying it's good she's not saying "I Love You" to him at school, you mean?

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    In a face-to-face situation, you get nonverbal cues as to the emotions expressed. Possibly she might be afraid that if she admits her love directly, his nonverbal responses might indicate less love reciprocated.

    Also love has different meanings to different people in different situations. Does it have the same meaning for him as it does for her?

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