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Chemistry (URGENT)

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A gas mixture with a total pressure of 770 contains each of the following gases at the indicated partial pressures: CO2 , 249mmHg ; , Ar 114mmHg ; and , O2 174mmHg . The mixture also contains helium gas.

1. What is the partial pressure of the helium gas?

2. What mass of helium gas is present in a 11.2 L sample of this mixture at 281 K?

  • Chemistry (URGENT) -

    Ptotal = PCO2 + PAr + PO2 + PHe.
    Only 1 unknown; i.e., PHe.

    2. I would use PV = nRT, solve for n = number of moles He, then moles = grams/molar mass will solve for grams.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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