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Triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle, where angle B is the vertex angle. If BC = 10x-4 , AC= 2x+18 , and AB= 6x+32, find the value of x.

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    which 2 sides are congruent? if you tell me i can easily figure it out for you...

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    AB = BC

    6X + 32 = 10 X - 4,
    6X - 10X = - 4 - 32,
    -4X = -36,

    X = -36 / -4 = 9.

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    AB = BC

    6X + 32 = 10X - 4,
    6X - 10X = -4 -32,
    -4X = -36,
    X = -36 / -4 = 9.

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