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Suppose you are managing 25 employees, and you need to form three teams to work on three different projects.

Assume that all employees will work on exactly one team. Also, each employee has the same qualifications/skills, so any employee can serve on any team.

The number of employees on each project are as follows: 8 on Team A, 3 on Team B, and 14 on Team C

1)How many ways can Team A be selected from the available employees?

2)Then, how many ways can Team B be selected from the remaining available employees?

3)Then, how many ways can Team C be selected from the remaining available employees?

4)Then, how many ways can all teams be selected?

5)What is the probability that three workers randomly selected from all employees will all be from team A?

  • Math -

    1. number of team A = C(25,8)
    2. number of team B = C(17,3)
    3. number of team C = C(14,14)
    4. multiply them
    5. C(22,5) x C(17,3) x C(14,14) / (answer to 4)

  • Math -

    Sorry I'm kind of confused.. when you put C(25,8) I don't really know what that means or how to solve it.

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