History: atomic bomb

posted by Amy

What are your thoughts on the atomic bombing of Japan? for or against

- mine: against since it endangered lives of the Japanese people

but that's only one reason...

  1. Ms. Sue

    My opinion is divided. In one way it was unconscionable to use such a vile weapon. It violates all ethical concepts of legitimate weapons.

    On the other hand, if the U.S. had invaded Japan, using conventional tactics, who knows how many casualties would have occurred -- on both sides?

  2. Amy

    do you think the US could have worked out some sort of treaty before using the bomb because there were people in Japan who wanted peace w/ the US.

  3. Ms. Sue

    The Japanese people at that time didn't have much clout with their government. The war lords may have eventually signed a treaty, but we do not know.

    It's an exercise in futility to try to second guess what "might" have happened in the past.

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