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The primary audience for your message is made up of

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    Which audience? What are your choices?

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    This question was asked the other day, and it was incomplete in different ways.

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    A. decision makers or opinion molders in an organization.
    B. everyone who receives it.
    C. individuals with the highest status in an organization.
    D. people who represent the opinions or attitudes of the majority.

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    You still have not answered the questions I asked in the linked post above.

    Please repost with answers to those questions.

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    I put A as the answer

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    If you are writing, addressing all your ideas toward the people in A, then you're right. But what if you send it to people other than the "decision makers or opinion molders"?

    The question is not clear unless it's in a context you're not telling us about. IMO, it's a poorly worded question if it's not in a specific context.

    I'd put B if it's just a general question.

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    You are a technical writer in a large company who is working on a training manual to help new users learn the company's computer system. Employees will use your manual in training seminars taught by your company's trainers. The manual will also serve as an on-the-job reference later. Both of the system analysts who designed the computer system and the trainers will comment on your draft. The trainers would be classified as what kind of audience for your manual?
    A. Watchdog
    B. Gatekeeper
    C. Primary
    D. Secondary
    I put D as the answer for this question.
    The next come this question:
    The primary audience for your message is made up of: I think it pertains to the paragraph above.
    A. decision makers or opinion molders in an organization.
    B. everyone who receives it.
    C. individuals with the highest status in an organization.
    D.people who represent the opinions or attitudes of the majority.
    With this questiong I put A as the answer.
    Thanks for your patience. I am new to this website.

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    I believe the answer is *A. Decision makers or opinion modelers in an organization* because in the Business Communication book I have, under the caption "Identify Your Primary Audience" it states, "For some messages, certain audience members may be more important than others. Don't ignore the needs of less influential members, but MAKE SURE you address the concerns of the key decision makers."

    The emphasis on addressing the concern of the "key decision makers" leads me to believe that decision makers should always compose the group of primary audience members being addressed.

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