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A person fishing hooks a 3.0-kg fish on a line that can only sustain a maximum of 35 N of force before breaking. At one point while reeling in the bass, it fights back with a force of 45 N. What is the minimum acceleration with which you must play out the line during this time in order to keep the line from breaking?

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    If the fish does actually exert a force of 45 N on the line, it will break. It exerts its force mainly on the water around it, away from the fisherman. If it accelerates backwards in the process due to released line, a line at its breaking point exerts a force on the fish (and vice versa) equal to 45 N - Ma = 35 N. The backwards acceleration of the fish is then
    a = 10 N/g = 1.02 m/s^2

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