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11th grade

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You push a 250 kg desk with a force of 800N. The coefficient of friction is 0.2. What is the acceleration of the desk?

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    Remember the equation: deltaF = ma
    In this case delta F is the force applied(800N)-Force of friction.

    Now we need to find out the force of friction(Ff). We can do this through the equation Ff=uN.
    u is given(.2)
    N(the normal force)opposes the downward force of the desk(mg)250*9.81.
    Thus Ff=.2*250*9.81=490.5

    Back to the original equation, deltaF=ma. now all we do is plug in the values and solve for a.


    theres your answer, hope i helped

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    Omer is correct. Thanks for helping, Omer

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