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How do I start to solve -2log8(x+1) = -8?

I think -2log8(x+1) is log8^(x+1)to the 2nd but then what do I do because then I think I should do log-8/log8 = x+1)^2 but that doesn't work at all

Thank you for any help you can give

  • Algebra-Could Mathmate or Reiny or Dr. Bob look at this if you have time -

    Please give me some direction for the above problem
    Thank you

  • Algebra -

    -2log8(x+1) = -8
    first of all, multiply be -2
    log8(x+1) = 4
    log8(x+1)^2 = 8
    (x+1) = 8^4
    x = 4095

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