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A 73 kg man in a 7.0 kg chair tilts back so that all the weight is balanced on two legs of the chair. Assume that each leg makes contact with the floor over a circular area with a radius of 1.0 cm, and find the pressure exerted on the floor by each leg.

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    pressureEachLeg= weight/area * 1/2

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    so would it be...
    P=((73+7)*9.8)/2*pi*r then divide it by 2?
    or would it be...
    4P=((73+7)*9.8)/2*pi*r then divide it by 2?

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    No. Area of a circle is PI r^2

    so the denominator is / PI r^2 *1/2

    which changes all to
    pressure= 2*80*g/PI(.01)^2

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