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A coin is placed on a vinyl stereo record that is making 78 revolutions per minute on a turntable.
Find the magnitude of the acceleration when the coin is placed 5.0, 10, and 17 cm from the center of the record.

The radius of Earth is about 6.38x10^3 km. A 7.40x10^3 N spacecraft travels away from Earth. What is the weight of the spacecraft at the following distances from Earth's surface?
(a).6.38x10^3 km
(b)1.26x10^4 km

A satellite is placed in orbit, as shown below, with a radius that is half the radius of the Moon's orbit.
Use Newton's law of universal gravitation to find an equation where x is equal to an object's distance from Earth's center, and y is its acceleration due to gravity. Use a graphing calculator to graph this equation, using 6400-6600 km as the range for x and 9-10 m/s2 as the range for y. The equation should be of the form y = c(1/x2).
(a) Trace along this graph and find y at sea level, 6400 km.
1 m/s2

(b) Trace along this graph and find y on top of Mt. Everest, 6410 km.
2 m/s2

(c) Trace along this graph and find y in a typical satellite orbit, 6500 km.
3 m/s2

(d) Trace along this graph and find y in a much higher orbit, 6600 km.

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