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QUES # 1 a STARTUP COMPUTER CAN SELL 1000 COMPUTERS IF THEY PRICE THEM AT $500. tHE NUMBER SOLD WILL INCREASE BY 10 FOR EVERY $1 decrease in the price. The company has fixed costs of $100,999, and each computer costs $300 to produce, Find the price that will maximize the company's profit. How many computers will they sell at this price. Ques #2 A band can sell 80 CDs at concert for $12 each. For every $1 icrease in the pricen they will sell 5 fewer CDs. determine the price for a CD that will maximize the band's revenue. Can you do the whole answer for the two problem s i have been tryinh thses coupe of time, too fructrating i need by tomorrow night if possible last daY OF CLASS IS

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