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Science (please help me)

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I have 2 question on science 7. please help me.

1.state whether each substance is a mechanical mixture, a suspension, or a solution. My answers are at the bottom.

a)green relish
b)soda pop in a glass
c)bubble tea
d)traditional Aborigial paint made of red orchre and grease

my answers=
d)mechanical mixture

2.suppose that you dissolve 250ml of drink crystals in 1000ml of water. You get 1175ml of drink rather than 1250ml. how can you use the partical model of matter to explain this?

  • SCIENCE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    I have bean waiting for more than 2 hours and no one is helping me.

  • Science (please help me) -

    please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sounds like chemistry -

    Our chem prof isn't online yet. I'm sorry it's taken so long, but please remain patient.

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