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Mr.shafier has been teaching school for 10 years.For 6 of those years he taught 8th grade.what fraction represents the time Mr.shafier has not been teaching 8th grade?I knoe the answere is 2 5ths. but how do i show work?HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    he taught for 6/10 years. 10/10 -6/10 equals 4/10. four out of 10 simplified is 2/5.

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    6/10 is how long he taught 8th grade
    so 10 - 6 = 4 is how long he taught something else. The new fraction would be 4/10 but if you simplify it, 2 being the common factor in both you would get 2/5

    4 = 2 * 2
    10 = 2 * 5

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    um....... lol

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    well u have 4/10 ok you need to find a number that will go into both 4 and 10. that number will be 2. 2 will go into 4, 2 times and that is your numerator. the next step will be getting the denominator. you will divide
    10 by 2 and that will give 5 that is your denominator.

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    what percent is 17 to 80%

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    . Simplify: (2/3 × -5/4)+(-10/3 × 5/2) using suitable property.

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