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Topic- Each students will pick three things to write a consumer report on. It's your choice.

Compare-For each item that you pick you will need to pick two other items to compare it against. (if you choice restaurants, then you need to pick one, then pick two other restaurants to compare it against.)

What are you comparing? In a three page paper you will compare and tell why one product is better than the other by answering the following question:

1. Which of the three has the best prices for their services? Pick a product and compare the prices to the other stores.

My question is....someone please help me with number one... I don't get what the question is asking me to do. PLEASE.

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    1. Which of the three stores has the best prices?

    You should pick one product -- like electronics, a meal, clothing, or groceries. Then visit three stores selling this product. Which store has the lowest price for this product?

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    Thank you so much. :)

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    You're welcome.

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