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1) sketch out the contours of US history between 1789 and 1865
2) characterize US economic development during this period (economic philosophy, development models, technological innovations, and the real economy)
3) elaborate the outlines of sectional politics between 1846 and 1861 leading to the US Civil war
4) explain the significance of the North winning the Civil War.

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    Answer those questions. Please and thank you.

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    This looks like a chapter or even a course review.

    Are you trying to cheat?

    The Jiskha tutors HELP students. We do not do extensive homework assignments for them.

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    Nope this is not for a chapter or a course review. It's some questions for my 1,500 Essay.

    Can help me find some information at least.

    Don't have to answer it.

    Specifically for number 2 and 3

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