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President Bush has stated that if any non-democratic country's people seek freedom, America will stand with them. Freedom and democracy, however, takes several forms. What kind of democracy and freedom should a country that has never enjoyed these experiences have? Explain your view as to the kind of democracy they deserve and weather in your view, it is suitable.

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    You have to be writing your own opinion about all this.

    Think about these, though.

    1. Does every single country that wants to have "freedom" have to adopt democracy?

    2. Does every democracy look like all the others?

  • Political science, collee -

    I don't really have an opinion on this that's why i need help. I need people to give me their opinions so i can figure out how i would feel about the situation, if i agree or dis agree with others.

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    This is not an opinion gathering place. It's a place for you to ask questions and then draw YOUR OWN conclusions.

    Look up definitions of democracy, republic, monarchy, parliament, and other forms of government or aspects of governments. Then let us know what YOU THINK.

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