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Hello, I have to answer this question for my assignment. Compare and contrast how different electrolytes-sodium, potassium, and chloride-function in the body.

This is what I have so far but I am not sure if this is the whole answer.
The Electrolytes in your body are sodium and potassium which are ions. The sodium is concentrated outside cells, and potassium is inside cells and thirty percent more than outside the cell.

This is all I have, so far. Do you think this is answering the question? Or am I missing something? If you could help me in any way that would be great. Just don't want to miss something.


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    You didn't answer the question at all: How do they function (compare and contrast the FUNCTION).

    You just described where they are generally, and you ignored the chloride ion.

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    Oh sorry I did! What about this;

    sodium and potassium deficiency symptoms are both muscle cramps as both their major functioning are nerve transmissions and muscle contractions, while chloride’s deficiency symptoms are unlikely and the major functioning are in which, relates to the other electrolytes are fluid balances.

    And do you think this answer's the whole question? Or do you have any suggestions on what else to add?

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