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Calculate the molarity of the following solutions:

5.0g of KOH in 4.0L of KOH solution

I went from grams of KOH to moles of KOH to molarity but still got the wrong answer... 5.0g KOH X 1 mol KOH/56.108g KOH = 5.0 mol KOH/56.108=0.0891 mol KOH/4.0L and got the answer of 0.02 M i can't figure out where I went wrong??

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    From your post you must be plugging the answer into a database of answers. I think the problem is that you are not watching the significant figures.
    5.0 has two but your answer of 0.02 has only 1.

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    Your right i figured it out it was due to the sig figs

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